Being Elsewhere…

We went away for a bit last year. Seven months – not ages in the grand scheme of things. And yet long enough. Long enough to remember how at home you can feel away. How natural it can become to live out of a bag, forever arriving in a new, unfamiliar town straight off a bus and wandering the streets for that first meal.

How liberating it is to just think of today – or perhaps next week – and how you want to spend today’s hours, the time right here and right now. How big the world is and how much of our time in it we spend wishing away, always on our route to tonight, to the weekend, to next month.


Pretty natural and inescapable: bills have to be paid, flats have to be held down and food sourced. So I have no vapid ‘seize the day’, ‘dance like no one’s watching’ agenda. But it is nonetheless odd to consider the gaps between the way time elapses in some phases versus others. The way that a world is contained in a month bumbling around India or Argentina or indeed anywhere you can nomad it for a while and watch the little oddities of life as lived elsewhere tick by; meanwhile we let months speed past in what we continue to imagine is Real Life with few alterations, new perspectives or moments of real engagement.

It’s like dog years, the way people come back from a few months away feeling that half a lifetime of sights and experiences have passed, while those at home barely blink – ‘You’re back already?’


So after blogging for those months over at The Itinerants it’s time for a new notepad dedicated to things ‘elsewhere’, at home and abroad. For anyone, like me, who gets itchy feet even on the road and always needs at least three trips in the pipeline…




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